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Hi, I’m Fasna, a freelance digital marketer based in Malappuram, Kerala. I help businesses grow online through modern digital marketing strategies tailored to their unique needs.

With a degree in Journalism & Communication, I found my passion in leveraging the power of the internet to connect brands with their audience. I offer expertise in SEO, social media marketing, paid ads, email marketing, and web development.

My goal is to understand your business and develop customized strategies to solve your problems and elevate your digital presence. I stay updated on the latest trends and technologies to deliver effective marketing campaigns that drive real results.

If you’re looking for someone to help establish your authoritative brand voice online, let’s connect. I’m dedicated to collaborating with you to achieve your business goals through strategic digital marketing.

freelance digital marketer in kerala



Utilizing search engine marketing is a highly effective method for driving more traffic to your website. This strategy enables you to increase the volume of visitors and reach specific target demographics, and I can provide assistance in achieving this.


Content marketing is all about talking to a particular group of people and keeping them interested by sharing useful and interesting stuff. Freelance digital marketers use different methods like writing blogs, posting on social media, and making videos to do this.


Social media marketing means using social platforms to make your business more well-known. Having a strong presence on social media can make your business look good online and bring in more visitors and sales. I can use the right sources to help you get noticed.


Optimizing websites to rank higher on search engines like Google is a fundamental aspect of digital marketing. Freelance SEO specialists help businesses improve their website's visibility in search results


Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that enables you to connect with both your existing and prospective clients by delivering business messages. It serves as a medium for advertising, boosting sales, and raising awareness.


Developing and crafting a website is an essential component of any business. A thoughtfully designed website can enhance engagement with its audience. I'm here to assist you in crafting a website that aligns with your business goals and personal interests.




As an SEO Analyst at Pride Paths, I specialized in elevating our clients’ digital footprint through a multifaceted strategy that encompassed everything from meticulous keyword research and content optimization to advanced link-building and technical SEO audits. My role involved a deep dive into analytics to refine search strategies, ensuring content not only ranked well across search engines but also resonated with target audiences. Collaborating seamlessly with content creators, web developers, and the broader marketing team, I was instrumental in boosting website visibility, enhancing user engagement, and ultimately driving higher conversion rates. Through a commitment to staying ahead of SEO trends and algorithm changes, my efforts led to tangible improvements in search engine rankings and online presence for our clients, illustrating the vital role of strategic SEO in achieving digital marketing success.


In my capacity as Social Media Manager for Yenepoya University, I orchestrate comprehensive social media campaigns and spearhead lead generation initiatives, bridging the university with a global audience through compelling digital storytelling. My role encompasses strategic oversight, creative content production, audience engagement, and meticulous analysis to optimize our online presence. Leading a dynamic team of graphic designers and content writers, I cultivate a collaborative creative process that not only elevates our brand but also fosters meaningful connections. Through innovative strategies and a keen understanding of digital trends, we not only amplify the university’s message but also drive prospective student interest, cementing Yenepoya University’s stature in the educational landscape.


Fasna's expertise in SEO and digital marketing has been a game changer for our business. Her strategies are innovative, results-driven, and tailored to our unique needs. Truly a top-notch professional in the digital world!
As a CEO, I know the value of effective digital marketing. Fasna delivered beyond expectations, significantly boosting our online presence and engagement. Her approach is both creative and analytical, a rare combination that yields exceptional results.
Fasna isn't just a freelance digital marketer in Malappuram; she's a trendsetter in the SEO world. Her innovative strategies have significantly boosted my online presence, making a tangible difference in my engagement metrics.
Collaborating with Fasna was a game-changer. Her digital marketing expertise brought new life to my web projects, increasing both traffic and engagement. She's a true asset to any web developer looking to elevate their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are all the frequently asked questions from our clients

Digital marketing is promoting stuff (like products or brands) using the internet and devices like computers and phones. It includes things like showing up on Google, posting on social media, sending emails, and using online ads to reach people and sell things. It’s a big part of how businesses advertise today because so many people use the internet.

Digital marketing is crucial for businesses because it helps them reach more people without spending too much money, unlike old-fashioned advertising. It also lets them see how well their ads are doing and who is looking at them, so they can make their ads better. Plus, it allows businesses to talk directly with customers, which can make customers like the business more and buy more things.

Certainly! Social media marketing can really help businesses in many ways. It can boost sales, make the company more well-known, and create a positive image. It also lets businesses connect with customers through posts and messages, which builds trust and keeps customers coming back.

Digital marketing needs a mix of creative, technical, and analytical skills. This includes things like running ads, creating content, writing persuasive text, making eye-catching graphics, improving website visibility, and studying data. Also, marketers should really understand how customers go from discovering a product to buying it and be good at planning effective marketing strategies

Malappuram, located in the northern part of Kerala, is an emerging hub for digital marketing in India. With increasing internet penetration and smartphone usage, there are many opportunities for freelance digital marketers in this region. Here are some of the key job responsibilities of a freelance digital marketer based out of Malappuram:

Search Engine Optimization
One of the primary responsibilities of a digital marketer is optimizing websites and content for search engines like Google. This includes keyword research to identify high-search, low-competition terms, on-page optimization through meta tags and content, and off-page optimization through link building and social signals. Understanding local searcher intent and optimizing for vernacular keywords is important for targeting Malappuram’s audience.

Social Media Marketing
Social media is hugely influential in Malappuram, with platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram being popular. A digital marketer must manage social media accounts for businesses – creating relevant content like images, videos and posts, engaging with followers, and running ads. Keeping up with the latest trends and measuring performance through analytics is key.

Content Marketing
Content marketing involves creating well-researched, high-quality articles, infographics, videos, podcasts etc. that engage and acquire leads. For local clients, content should focus on topics relevant to audiences in Malappuram. Content promotion through social media and SEO is also required. Tools like SEMrush can help research profitable content ideas.

Email Marketing
Email marketing helps nurture leads and drive conversions. It entails creating email campaigns and newsletters tailored to the target audience and managing subscriber lists and segments. Integrating email with CRM systems and tracking KPIs using tools like MailChimp is an important part of the job.

Mobile Marketing
In Malappuram, a substantial proportion of internet users access the web solely through mobile devices. Hence, marketing efforts must be optimized for mobile – from designing responsive websites to creating mobile ads and ensuring seamless user experience. This requires technical skills and staying updated with trends in mobile marketing.

Analytics & Reporting
Digital marketers must interpret data from Google Analytics, social media and other platforms to derive insights and optimize campaigns. Creating reports on essential KPIs like website traffic, leads, sales etc. and presenting findings to clients is an important responsibility. Tools like Google Data Studio can be used for automating reporting.

Paid advertising encompasses search, display, and social media ads. Digital marketers must manage ad campaigns end-to-end – identifying audiences, creating ads, optimizing for conversions, and analyzing performance. Platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads are commonly used. Strong analytical skills and staying within budget are key requirements.

Technology Skills
A freelance digital marketer must have a strong grasp over various tools and technologies used in online marketing. This includes website CMS platforms like WordPress, CRM software, email marketing systems, advertising platforms, analytics programs, and productivity software. Having the technical know-how to use these tools is critical for implementation.

Client Relationships
Managing relationships with clients involves maintaining regular communication, being reliable and meeting deadlines, setting clear expectations, and resolving issues promptly. Client management skills like account planning, collaboration, and consultative selling are par for the course. Ensuring client satisfaction is critical for any freelance digital marketer in Malappuram.

Personal Branding & Networking
Freelancers must invest effort in building a personal brand and networking with potential clients. This includes creating an appealing online presence through a portfolio website, participating in local events and communities, and nurturing social media channels like LinkedIn. Strong self-marketing skills are indispensable.

In summary, freelance digital marketers in Malappuram need diverse skills and expertise to serve varied local clients. With the right mix of technical abilities, strategic thinking, analytical skills and relationship management, there are abundant work opportunities for digital marketing freelancers in this region. The keys are specialization, differentiation, and constantly upgrading one’s knowledge.

SEO experts in Malappuram offer a range of services, including keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO audits, content creation, link building, local SEO optimization, and performance tracking and reporting. They work closely with clients to develop customized strategies that align with their business objectives.

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